Did you think we forgot?!? Convention schedule is now live!! Definitely check it out to get a good idea of when events will be! Remember! The schedule is subject to change, so make sure to pick up your final copy at-con!

Guest Announcement

We are happy to announce Cherami Leigh will be joining us at NMACon this year! Best know for roles like Patty in Soul Eater, Lucy in Fairy Tale and recently announced Garterbelt in Panty and Stocking! Plese invite her for a warm welcome!!

Guest Cancellation

Unfortunately, Wendee Lee will not be joining us at this year's NMACon. We hope to see her in a future year!!

Guests of Honor

Jim and Mike return once again to NMACon to bring you another sampler platter of entertainment! From the giant robot shreded cities to the "Hidden Village in the Basement", the duo will spread joy and/or fear though the con with their random game and panel offerings. Another horrible CFTP movie to watch? One more round of everyone's favorite game show "Answer Or Else"?? Some completely new they just made up on the spot??? You never know what they'll be bringing to the table from year to year!

Vendor registration is OPEN!

Artist and Dealer registration is now open! Please make sure to check out our vendor page to see how to apply, and what exciting dealers & artist will be in attendance!

Registration is OPEN!

Registration is open! Please check out the registration page for more informaton on badges, and badge rates!

New Venue?!?!?

Yes! We are moving to a new venue this year. NMACon 2013 will be hosted at the Park Place hotel in Downtown Traverse City! This amazing venue is in a great location, that not only puts attendees right in the center of the downtown area, but provides better access to restraunts, and awesome downtown photoshoot oppurtunities. The convention space itself is in a more centralized location (no more long omnious hallways!) and allows us a spaceous dealers & artist space, as well as putting registration within the convention area. But don't worry about getting lost! We will not only be posting a map of convention space online, but will have ample signage and friendly volunteers to help you get to where you want to go.